Constructing Blue Collar Leaders in a White Collar World

I am excited to announce the availability of my book, Constructing Blue Collar Leaders in a White Collar World: A Biblical Perspective on Helping Bi-Vocational Church Leaders Become 21st Century Global Leaders, from me addressing many areas of leadership development such as:

  • Leadership – Getting the Foundation Right: What Leadership Is, What it is Not
  • Values & Ethics: Remember When Business Was Done on a Handshake
  • Announcing 21st Century Leadership Models
  • Leadership & Followership: The Forgotten Alignment
  • The Dark Side of Leadership
  • Why Your Church, Community, and World Culture Matters
  • Creating a Learning Organization Through Creativity and Innovation
  • Leadership & R-Mentoring: Reverse Mentoring
  • Leadership Development and the Millennial Generation
  • Leadership Analysis: Strategic Planning & Analysis Tools for Organizational Success
  • Leadership: A 21st Century Perspective on Trends & Issues Facing the Global Church & Leader

This book addresses leadership issues from both a church and marketplace Christian perspective drawing from leading secular and faith based leadership experts. It introduces in a one-stop-shopping manner the leader and reader to approximately 200 sources of leadership wisdom allowing them to invest in other books should their interest in a particular area of leadership be desired. If interested please contact me at



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